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Lakewood Garage Doors Expert

Lakewood Garage Doors Expert is pleased to offer a wide range variety of installation services relevant to garage doors. We work with all types of doors, with designs in wood, steel, composite, vinyl, aluminum and glass. Lakewood Garage Doors Expert has been working on meeting all customers’ needs and has succeeded in taking residential garage doors from functional to fashionable. So, when you need garage door installation services, simply pick up the phone and call Lakewood Garage Doors Expert.

Call us today at 303-552-9520.

Lakewood Garage Doors Expert provides a variety of secure installation services, such as opener installation, spring system assembly (extension springs, torsion spring pre-assembly), door section pre-assembly (the bottom section, roller holder insert, top fixture installation, strut connection, stop molding, backhang and optional fittings/fixtures installation.

Lakewood Garage Doors Expert pays a great deal of attention to installation details, so you never have to worry about the security of the garage doors we install. After the final adjustments are made, optional accessories installation follows. These options include: drawbar plate, lock, snap latch, the step plate and track options installation.

We are here to provide you with all of the information you need when it comes to making installation decisions. We can install garage door openers as well, from chain drive openers to belt drive openers. If you appreciate being warned (through the garage door opening) about anyone coming into your house, then we suggest you have chain-drive openers installed at a good value. Lakewood Garage Doors Expert can do the job. Also, we are ready to set up belt-drive openers which are the quietest ones, for a bit of a higher (but worthwhile) cost than the others.

Lakewood Garage Doors Expert

If you would like Lakewood Garage Doors Expert to come and give you a hand with installing screw-drive openers, which are midway in cost and noisiness, please feel free to call us at 303-552-9520.

Lakewood Garage Doors Expert keeps up with the newest ideas and trends in the residential garage door industry when it comes to installation, so we take into account both traditional and modern safety features. Newer features include the reversing safety mechanism that thwarts damage to cars, people and pets. Furthermore, we can help you set up the security features, such as a rolling code feature that keeps burglars away, lights and even battery backup for some of the door models. With a company like Lakewood Garage Doors Expert, homeowners never even have to get out of their vehicle to open or close the garage door, as we install the remote control units that make everything much easier. And if you choose a traditional one, we set up the new keyless pads which can be activated by reading your fingerprints.

Lakewood Garage Doors Expert never lets important things wait. We supply you with complete garage door installation and verification. Adding value and safety to your home is our goal here at Lakewood Garage Doors Expert proficiency.

When you need a new garage door installed, whether you just moved and your home does not have one yet, or you want your current one replaced, it is important that you are aware of what is out there. Lakewood Garage Doors Expert can provide you with that information.

Give us a call at 303-552-9520 to set up an appointment, today!

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