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The Lakewood Garage Doors Expert Company in Lakewood is certified garage door service masters. Lakewood is not only the home of Lakewood Garage Doors Expert but it is our home as well. We live here and we shop here. This is our community and we feel a special bond with the inhabitants of Lakewood. It is important to us that our fellow Lakewood citizens realize that Lakewood Garage Doors Expert is available 24/7 to resolve their entire garage door needs. Whether our neighbors in Lakewood need garage door repairs, products or services; Lakewood Garage Doors Expert is there to lend a helping hand.

At Lakewood Garage Doors Expert we are out to build on our reputation as being the most reliable, dependable, and cost friendly garage door service in Lakewood. Our staff at Lakewood Garage Doors Expert knows fully well that if you are going to be the best in the industry then you have to offer the best product, the friendliest service, and the most efficient technicians in the business. Lakewood Garage Doors offers brand name products like Sears, Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Marantec, and Genie. The foundation of every garage door is built with great product names like these. At Lakewood Garage Doors Expert we are experts in the field and you won't find a better garage door service company in Lakewood.

At the heart of every garage door is a garage door spring. There are basically two types of springs utilized on garage doors and Lakewood Garage Doors Expert always has both in stock. The first spring is known as the extension spring. Our Lakewood Garage Doors Expert team knows that this spring is designed for lightweight or sectional doors. The second spring is referred to as the torsion spring. This spring is made for those larger and heavier doors. The spring is not only the heart, but the backbone of every garage door. It takes experienced professionals to install a garage door spring properly. Your neighborhood Lakewood Garage Doors Expert service company is ready to take care of these garage door needs.

The garage door opener is also important for your garage door. Lakewood Garage Doors Expert carries all three of the most common garage door openers in stock. We sell them, we install them, and we service them. The cheapest one is the screw drive. It cost less but you better be prepared for a noisy operation. The most common is the chain drive. It is cost friendly as well but still makes quite a bit of noise. The one that costs the most; obviously is the quietest and it is called the belt drive. For the average person these can be a bear to install but your friends at Lakewood Garage Doors Expert can complete a professional install or repair in no time at all. In addition, we at Lakewood Garage Doors Expert offer a free estimate for your convenience.

If you already own a garage door we at Lakewood Garage Doors have not forgotten you. We are experts, certified and bonded, to make any and all the garage door repairs that you need. If you have a garage then you know repairs are going to have to be made eventually. You are going to run into problems where the door is off the track or problems with the pulley and track as well. These repairs may seem simple but they require skilled technicians like those at Lakewood Garage Doors Expert to take care of them correctly.

Lakewood Garage Doors Expert

At Lakewood Garage Doors Expert we treat every repair with the same professional approach. No job is too small because every repair is important to our neighbors that need them completed. We offer all of the brand name products for your garage door repair needs. The estimate is free and Lakewood Garage Doors will rush to your rescue. Don't struggle with your garage door call Lakewood Garage Doors Expert today and allow our service masters to resolve your garage door needs

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